Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Post 2: Bang the Keys

Based on the current moon phase it's an absolutely perfect time to set up a SIX WEEK writing schedule. This is NOT a goal; this is what I AM DOING for the next SIX WEEKS.

Once you call a plan a goal, you've already resigned yourself that you can rely on yourself for charitable praise for approximation when you fall short. If your boss doesn't give you an option on a deadline, one way or another, you'll get it done. Why should honoring a deadline you set for yourself receive less dedication?

Remarkably, by some stroke of genius or serendipity Jill Dearman recommends specific criteria for a SIX WEEK writing schedule in her most awesome book: Bang the Keys.

Here's what she says:

1. Choose either two three-hour blocks or three two-hour blocks that you will commit to as your Writing Hours over the next six weeks. During those hours you cannot answer the phone, go online, do the dishes, or do time filling research.

2. Specify where you will do your hours and with what tool. Example: in the library, on your laptop. (Sounds like the board game Clue, doesn't it? Fine. The fact is that you can do it on your fire escape with your Aunt Shirley's Peach Frost Lipstick, just so long as you do it!)

3. Write down your hours in your notebook and on your calender.

She adds, in paraphrase: Don't freak out if you have to skip one scheduled slot. Just make sure you make up those hours to yourself by the end of the week.

Now I just need to consult my Witches Almanac to see which of the next few days makes the best official start date.

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