Friday, August 20, 2010

Post 8: writing long hand

Thursday 8-19 (Written by The Falls after Libby’s) – Been a real long time since I sat down and wrote just for myself, and what a place to do it, with New Purple Notebook and cheap translucent plastic Blue Pen bought from a convenience store.

The last few days I’ve felt been cracking open, which is much different and an improvement over feeling like I’m coming apart at the seams (seems.)  What do I want? I want to continue “hustling while I wait,” especially with exercise, yoga, meditation and regular sleep. The Writing is on It’s way – just need to clear the dance floor, q up the right music, and politely bow to my Muse in Waiting.

Not a lot of thinking to do. Make everything fade to the background. When I am demanding of myself on how, and what, I write (right) the move elusive and forced it becomes. Instead of just blurting it out onto paper the night before group, allow it come, like a cat that nestles in next to you without you knowing it. You appreciate it more because cats (at least not MY Cat) don’t usually favor you with affection the way you might like it. When I am minding my own business and have unknowingly located myself in a spot he wants to explore and he just shows up it is Grand.

Let it be like that, as much as possible.